Autumn Soup (Julie Biuso)

Bake 500g halved tomatoes, 30m cut side up at 210deg fanbake, sprinkled with sea salt, caster sugar, black pepper & zest of 1 lemon & drizzled with olive oil.

Cook 2 red capsicums over a flame until black. Transfer to a plate, cover & cool.

Slip off black skins & remove cores & seeds. Chop flesh into cubes.

Cook 2 cloves crushed garlic over med heat with 3T olive oil 1m then add 700g jar passata & 500ml water.

Bring to boil, lower heat & simmer partially covered for 20m

Add 100g sliced green beans & chopped capsicum, cook 15m partially covered.

Add the flesh from the roasted tomatoes once they are cool enough to scoop out and 2 small diced zucchinis. Cook 3m.

Add 1t salt or to your taste.

Serve with pesto on toast or crackers or just some basil leaves as garnish.

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