Kale & Potato Gratin

Preheat the oven to 180.

Slice 700g potatoes approx 1/2cm thick & add to boiling, salted water. Cook 2- 3m then drain & plunge into cold water, drain again & dry.

Chop 1 bunch kale into half cm ribbons, discarding stems. Then combine in a bowl with 1/4c olive oil, 4 chopped garlic, 3t salt & 1t pepper & rub the olive oil etc into the leaves. No need to be gentle!

In an ovenproof dish, place kale then 1/6c grated parmesan then potatoes then 1/3-2/3c breadcrumbs & finish with 1/6c parmesan.

Cover & bake for 30m then remove lid/foil, pour over 1/4c milk & bake another 15m until top is crispy.

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