Warm Pumpkin Salad

Place the following into a roasting dish & roast at 180C until pumpkin is tender but NOT soft:

500g pumpkin cut into 2cm cubes, 2 whole bulbs garlic (skin on, tops removed), 1/2t salt, 2T rosemary leaves, 6T oilve oil, 1t cracked pepper,

Dry roast 1c mixed pumpkin & sunflower seeds ( or try cashews). When done, mix through 1t soy sauce or tamari & toss together with the pumpkin. Squeeze the garlic bulbs into the mix.

For the dressing, combine:

1T olive oil, 2T balsamic vinegar, juice of a small lemon, 1T chopped coriander, 1T chopped mint, 1/2t curry powder.

Toss through salad & enjoy.

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