The Hungry Gap – October/November/December

For our local farmers, Spring is a period of new growth but little is ready to harvest.

Output is at its lowest even though the farmers are busy preparing soil, raising & planting out seedlings and generally preparing for the busy growing times ahead.

Soil temperatures are still quite low so nothing rooty (carrots, onions, beetroot, garlic etc.) is growing much as yet & supplies of staple crops such as apples, pears, pumpkins & squashes which were harvested in Autumn are dwindling or reaching the end of their shelf lives.

Greens grow really well at this time of year, as you’ll notice from the greening of paddocks, your gardens & roadside plantings, so they are abundant & well priced.

If you are new to organics & the concept of seasonal eating, it can be very challenging to eat only what is available at this time, especially as the supermarkets will be full of a much wider selection than we at Fresh2U are able to provide from local, organic sources.

What you must remember is that the non organic food piled high at the supermarket comes with a huge carbon & environmental footprint from the freight, artificial inputs and light & heating in the huge greenhouses.

Much of the commercially grown, non organic fruit & vegetables in the shops have been bred to be indestructible during transport, to be able to be picked early & ripen in transit or to remain visibly ‘ripe’ for longer. This is at the expense of taste & nutritional quality not to mention the chemical residues remaining in the produce.

Your continuing support of our local, organic farmers even through the harder seasonal times is invaluable in creating the type of resilient, self sufficient & sustainable community we all want to be a part of & we thank you for your continued support.

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