YUM granola – locally made, nutrient dense & delicious!

Read all about YUM granola here, text courtesy of Sarah, Director of Deliciousness at YUM:

We make YUM fresh each week here in Nelson, using only the best, organic ingredients. Aside from YUM tasting amazing, it is nutrient dense and can add a great boost to your day as the ingredients are whole, as well as the finished product being gluten free, grain free, dairy free, and refined sugar free (just a little Nelson honey in the granolas). Sugar content is low (especially compared with similar products on the market), thus sustained energy with no sugar highs and lows is a very good thing!  YUM is great in that in can be used similar to a muesli, or as a smoothie topping, or even scroggin’. Options are limitless!

There are currently 3 flavours of YUM:

Original- with local hazelnuts, chia seeds, currants, and a touch of Nelson honey

Dark Chocolate- we make our own 70% dark chocolate mix with raw cacao, thus no dairy. Also has goji berries, chia seeds, and local hazelnuts (and is quite addicting)!

The Bircher- is raw, thus untoasted, with south island black currants, dates, brazil nuts, and some amazing organic cinnamon. Great soaked or not!

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