FRESH2U NEWS 20 Jan 2017

As I type it is currently bucketing down with rain here in the Moutere/Motueka Valley!
We have just had a ‘weather bomb’ with more craziness to come this weekend – Summer . . . what Summer???
Summer veges are starting to come on however with Tomatoes, Sweetcorn & a few Cucumbers making an appearance this week.
Is there anything that beats the sweetness of a locally grown tomato, warm off the vine? 
Although my home tomatoes are still green so i’ll really appreciate the tomatoes we have available this week. 
Get in quickly if you’d like some as there are limited amounts available.
Also delicious & a true taste of Summer is sweetcorn – perfect lightly steamed or perhaps you prefer yours slathered in butter & salt like my husband & kids love theirs!
To truly support our local, organic growers this month you will be eating Beans & lots of them! 
If you have grown beans before, you’ll know they are super producers & the more you pick, the more they grow!
Beans are great raw & crunchy with a dip, fabulous in a Salade Nicoise, tasty in a garlicy, tomato sauce, added to curries or light Summer soups.
Seeing as we have shallots & beans in the boxes this week, here is a simple recipe for beans with a shallot butter:

We have sweet, Navel Oranges back on the list this week from Lucy & Jesse over in Golden Bay & super yummy Figs from our home farm at Tasman Organics.
Have a Happy & Healthy Week & thanks for supporting Fresh2U & your local, organic growers. We all appreciate your support : )
Coming soon: Carrots, Celery, Cauliflower, Red Onions, Eggplants, Cucumbers. Capsicums
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