Fresh2U is now stocking GF & RSF Baked Goods from Slice of Life!

Heather from Slice of Life’s baking is something else!

I say this from a point of some experience as firstly I LOVE BAKING & EATING BAKED STUFF & secondly we are a gluten, dairy & refined sugar household so I know how hard it is to get a really tasty biscuit or cake that is also allergen free.

We are stoked to offer a small range of Heather’s Baking on the Fresh2U Custom List (under the OTHER tab).

I have personally taste tested each of the products we are offering & also let my kids do some judging as I know how hard kids can be to please!

The kids both LOVED the Lemon Shortbread & the Chewy Gingernutz pronouncing them REALLY REALLY GOOD, NO MUM, LIKE REALLY REALLY GOOD Y’KNOW!!!

I loved the 100% Seed Crackers – a substantial size & delicious toasted with a smash of avocado or pesto & an egg. Perfect breakfast for me.

The Nut & Seed Slice is a gooey treat with a coconut sugar caramel holding all the goodness together & the Coconut & Banana Bread Slice is delicious again although not a hit in my family as kids not huge fans of coconut.

I highly recommend that you try out some of Heather’s Baking, you won’t be disappointed & it may give you some healthy baking ideas to try out.

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