What is a Tomatillo?

Max & Karen from Tasman Organics in Appleby have been growing tomatillos & even I had to do a bit of googling to find out more about them.

So here is the info:

Firstly, they aren’t tomatoes!

They may LOOK like small, green toms but they are actually a distant relative & have been around, growling wildly in the Americas since Aztec & Mayan times!

They are called Mexican Husk Tomatoes & are a plant of the Nightshade variety. Their green colour & tart flavour are the main things they are noted for & are harvested early for these features. They can be harvested later & will become sweeter with time. They can also be dried, and then are reminiscent of cranberries.

Native Americans used the tomatillo against headaches & stomach aches and as a dressing for wounds. There have also been some recent studies showing some effectiveness against tumor growth, however these theories are in their infancy.

Tomatillos are used widely in Mexican Cuisine. Their starring dish is salsa verde, find a recipe here:


And get more inspiration here:





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