Little Shaggery Farm – Luke Marsden & Rozmeri Leatham

I have been mentioning Little Shaggery Farm a lot since their fruit has been ripe & I thought you might like to know about the growers behind the name!
Little Shaggery Farm used to be Tree Dimensions Orchard & it changed hands last year. The property at theBrooklyn end of the West Bank of the Motueka Valley has 150 varieties of apples plus pears, plums, berries & grapes & is BioGro Certified.
The lucky people who bought the orchard are Luke Marsden & Rozmeri Leatham & their 2 (soon to be 3) kids.
Luke is from Invercargill & Rozmeri from Yorkshire in the UK & they met in Queenstown.
They lived in Australia for 6 years & it was there that their interest in organics began.
They started asking questions about their food, where it came from & how it was grown & produced & were horrified by the results of their research.
They endeavoured to start eating only ‘real’ food, fresh & healthy. This became even more important when their first child came along 4 years ago – Luke & Rozmeri wanted to ensure that their children ate real, healthy, chemical free food & also knew how to grow food.
Rozmeri says that she would rather spend money on organic food for her kids than on plastic toys. She feels that when her family eats organic, seasonal, local food they are really nourished & need less to feel full.
You can find Luke or Rozmeri at the Motueka Market each Sunday. It is important to them to connect with their customers just as they connected with growers at markets when their journey began.
It is our pleasure to supply fruit from Luke & Rozmeri & it is so lovely to have such committed growers joining the organics scene in the Tasman District.
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