Our new Mandarins & what does Spray Free really mean?

This week we have a new line of local Mandarins, they aren’t certified organic but have been grown without any chemical input for the last 3 years although the previous property owners may have used Roundup.
Asking growers about previous Roundup (glyphosate) use is very important as the claims made by its producer Monsanto, that it disappears from soil after 14 days, have been proven to be untrue. 
You can read more about Roundup and its horrific effect on plants, animals & insects & the mycorrhizal fungi that allow plants to communicate & share nutrients, here:
If you ever need a weedkiller PLEASE don’t use this nasty product which has infiltrated our soil, water & bodies with its noxious toxicity. Salt or a vinegar based weedkiller are better, more natural alternatives.
When growers talk about produce being Spray Free, it is hard as a consumer to know exactly what that means.
Usually, there will have been chemical fertiliser & weedkiller applied to soil before planting & the spray free label can be applied because the plants themselves haven’t been sprayed with anything.
As we know, plants take up nutrients from the soil so Spray Free produce can still have considerable chemical residue.
Please feel assured that if Fresh2U ever stocks anything ‘Spray Free’ I personally make sure that there has been NO chemical intervention at any stage of the process or I will have noted this for your information.
As the Ministry for Primary Industry considers regulating the use of the term Organic, I will continue to be as transparent as possible with the origins & organic status of our produce so that you can make decisions that are right for you & your families. 
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