What is The Hungry Gap & Why Does It Happen?

What is The Hungry Gap & Why Does It Happen?
As we approach the end of Winter & the start of Spring, the range & amount of fruit & vegetables available decreases.
This is because stores put away in Autumn of apples, pears, pumpkins, onions etc. are running out & also degrading in quality the longer they are stored.
Ground temperatures have been cold for many months now so growth is significantly slowed resulting in less produce like cauliflowers, broccoli, celery etc. available.
Greens will be the first produce items to grow to harvestable levels but larger vegetables & fruit take much longer & need warmer ground temperatures.
Unfortunately, the demand for organic produce doesn’t shrink to match availability, in fact as I started to investigate last week, demand rises at this lean time of year resulting in higher prices as there is more competition for this minimal produce.
Another reason prices rise is that the growers need to recoup the daily coolstoring charges for all those apples & pears etc. being kept in Controlled Atmosphere units.
CA is a great way of prolonging the life of fruit but it does cost money and energy & this is reflected in the prices we will see for fruit over the next few months.
This is the reality of eating seasonally, and in times before supermarkets, people would use their preserved fruits & vegetables, nuts & seeds & meat to get them through this lean time of year.
As Fresh2U customers, you may choose to supplement your delivery with supermarket produce or choose dry goods as a part of your weekly delivery instead of all produce.
We really hope to maintain your custom & are open to your suggestions about ways we can do this over The Hungry Gap. Hopefully we have always been flexible to suit your needs & we hope that you feel able to email or call us anytime with your requirements or questions.
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