The Seasons with Fresh2U

Thank you all for the excellent feedback we have been getting on the quality, quantity & deliciousness of our produce!
I really appreciate it but also know that this won’t last forever as we slide further into Winter & vege growth slows right down.
Our best months at Fresh2U are Jan – August (Summer/Autumn/early Winter) when local produce is plentiful.
During Winter, we use up stores harvested in Autumn (apples ,pears, pumpkin, squash, potato) & finish off the crops planted in Autumn. We have lots of sweet root veges to offer & crisp brassicas like broccoli & cauliflower. Once crops are exhausted, even though they have been replanted, there will be a period of scarcity due to the time they take to grow in cold temperatures. Lots of items are finishing or slowing like leeks,lettuces, silverbeet & broccoflower.
Spring time is hard as it comes on the back of Winter & slow growth, Summer fruit isn’t ripe yet & last Autumn’sfruit is finished or low quality. Veges are enjoying the higher temperatures but not quite ready to harvest yet. Advertising in magazines promotes new Spring veges but in reality they won’t be ready until much later in the season.
The other major issue with Spring is that there is less produce available but demand is consistent resulting in higher prices. It seems strange that when variety is limited & quality average, prices are at their highest but that is the joy of economics & Spring time for organic vege lovers – boo hoo.
In Summer/Autumn when produce is plentiful & grows fast, prices fall as the market is flooded with delicious produce. You get more for your money in your Fresh2U boxes during Summer/Autumn than you do in late Winter/Spring so it is best to keep this seasonal variation in mind & consider your Fresh2U experience in the context of the whole year.
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