Seasonal Update End Aug 2019

At VEDIC ORGANICS the potatoes are coming to an end as is the Cavolo Nero.
Carrots, parsnips, daikon & kale are still going for the time being.
At TASMAN ORGANICS carrots have finished. They still have lettuces, parsley, tatsoi & some small leeks however their prices are the highest of all of the growers we stock.
At OKAINAMU FARM the turnips are still going strong but we have bought them out of Supermarket Squash! There are still apple seconds available, the kiwifruit is softening & there is still plentiful, delicious juice.
At OAMARU ORGANICS the huge broccoli is AMAZING!!! Their cauliflowers & broccoflowers are still going well not to mention their yummy yams.
At GROWN IN HOPE by Brent Ferretti the cabbages are also HUGE! Their celeriac, yacon, turmeric & limes are still available & hopefully their vigorous silverbeet will keep going for a while.
At FERRETTI GROWERS, they only have the slightly frosted tender kale available to us, anything else you will have to go to the Market for!
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