Seasonal Update Sept 20

Heads Up! The Hungry Gap is coming!
The Hungry Gap is the name given to a period of Spring where there is little or no fresh produce available.
***Stores of produce like apples, pears, pumpkins, onions & potatoes which were harvested in Autumn are either running out or degrading in quality.
***Winter crops including broccoli & cauliflower are finishing & won’t start again for several months because the ground has been too cold for much growth of new seedlings.
***Greens are going well now but the increasingly warmer temperatures will send them all to seed so there will be a gap until new seedlings grow.
***The most annoying thing about The Hungry Gap is that because demand stays constant whilst supply drops, prices go up even though the produce is not at its best – very annoying!!!
When we talk about seasonal eating, The Hungry Gap is a part of it that isn’t usually considered but has been a reality for as long as we have been growing food. In the past, our ancestors would be eating foods that they had preserved specifically for this part of the season or eating more nuts/seeds/meat than they would at other times of the year.


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