Autumn Update 2021

Autumn is upon us with tomatoes, zucchini & eggplants slowing down & brassicas starting up.

We have broccoflowers, cauliflowers, chinese cabbage, parsnips & fennel new this week.

Beans, beetroot (red & gold), carrots, potatoes, radishes & pumpkin going strong – more local varieties available every week.

Prices for Silverbeet & Spinachbeet have gone down yippee. Lots of parsley, coriander & pak choi available. Spinach & Rocket holding their higher prices.

Because this is the Tasman District we have FRUIT, FRUIT, FRUIT!!!

Apples, Pears, Nashi, Tangelos – many varieties including heritage available.

Kiwifruit, feijoas & figs soon to come, yum!

Golden Bay avocados have good availability.

Rock Melon still going for another week or so, completely delicious!

New on our Custom List are spice mixes & flavoured honey from Mixed Roots – wonderful for taking your veges to the next level of flavour!

We are taking on new customers so sign up NOW & enjoy fresh, local, organic fruit & veges delivered to your door.

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