Control Use of Glyphosate Herbicide in NZ

In news from Soil & Health, the government is currently reviewing information about how the herbicide Glyphosate is used in NZ & perhaps a formal reassessment of whether it’s safe to use could be on the cards.
Glyphosate weed killers (like RoundUp) are used far too much in NZ & will be damaging our soils & our bodies.
Scientific research has revealed that glyphosate is much more toxic than initially thought (well by some anyway, I’ve been campaigning against it for YEARS!!!) & massive settlements are now being paid out in the USA to plaintiffs who claim that glyphosate caused their cancer.
The NZ Government/ Local Councils like the TDC & NCC have used data from the pesticide makers themselves to determine the safety & use of this poison?!?!?!
As the EU have done, NZ should take a precautionary approach & ban the use of glyphosate in public areas like parks, ensure our freshwater systems are protected & ensure that independently published & openly available scientific data be prioritised when assessing risk.
I urge you to add your signature to Soil & Health’s Glyphosate petition by following this link:
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