Why aren’t there many Greens at the moment?

Unfortunately the high humidity affects leafy greens badly: As the plants transpire (breathe through the stoma on the underside of their leaves), the humidity saturates the leaves with water vapour. When humidity levels are too high &/or there is little air circulation, a plant cannot make water evaporate or draw nutrients from the soil. When this occurs for a prolonged period, the plant rots : (
Another problem that our warming temperatures is causing for organic growers is whitefly abundance.
Normally whitefly is controlled by environmental factors like temperature however since our Winters are getting warmer, the whitefly is not being killed off each year & so is becoming further & further entrenched leading to much larger infestations than would have been seen before. Kale is especially affected as those who have been buying it recently will have noticed.
The warmer Winters also mean more mildew on leafy greens.
I hope that you find it interesting to know what challenges our growers face. Conventional, chemical growers would just use a stronger insecticide to control larger numbers of whitefly & that is why you won’t see the greens in the supermarket affected. Thanks for supporting organic growers who do the hard yards to make sure that we don’t have to eat chemical laden produce!
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