Meet the Growers!

Apparently it is Farmers Market Week this week with a focus on getting to know your growers so I’ll run though the main Fresh2U suppliers so you can know exactly where your fruit & veges are coming from:
Brent Ferretti – Grown in Hope
Brent & Kev have been growing veges for approx 25yrs & are very popular at the Nelson Famers Market where they are sold out by 9am! They are currently supplying our cucumbers, nashi, zucchini, tomatoes & beans.
Dave Filer – Bay Subtropical, Takaka
Dave actually runs Filco Farm & Sport as his day job & heads over the hill to Golden Bay at the weekend to pick oranges and avocados for us from his property just out of Takaka. Fresh2U has worked with Bay Subtropicals’ 2 previous owners as well – it is a well established organic citrus & avocado orchard.
Jerry Naylor – Okainamu Farm, Wairoa Gorge
Jerry must be about 100 years old now & has been growing fruit & veges & selling them at the Nelson Farmers Market forever! He has won awards for his pip fruit & has a truly organic ethos, recycling absolutely everything & inventing fabulous contraptions made of bits and bobs rather than buying new gear! He is currently supplying some carrots, nashi, herbs, apples, grapes, beans & lemons.
Luke & Rozmeri – Little Shaggery Farm/Tempus Tonics, Brooklyn
Luke & Rozmeri bought the long established Tree Dimensions Orchard around 6 years ago & are doing wonderful things with the amazing heritage fruit. Not only do they keep old & lesser known varieties growing, they make dried fruit wraps, apple cider vinegar & Rozmeri has a side hustle making health tonics with Tempus Tonics. They have 3 kids and an accomodation unit on their property too & had to dig out the orchard by hand after the Cyclone Gita landslides – I don’t know if they ever sleep but I do know that they are awesome!
Seager & Sue Mason, Louise & Ben Fanderlinden, Masons Farm, Aniseed Valley
Seager Mason has been in NZ Organics for a LONG time! He worked with BioGro right at the beginning & has been a consultant for government & other organisations. He has wonderful knowledge & experience yet is a quiet, lovely man. He used to run the Nelson Organic Shop with Sue his wife but they have retired back onto the farm where they are helped by their daughter Lou & her husband Ben & their 2 young children, a real Nelson, family farm. They are currently supplying apples, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, apple juice.
Karen & Max, Tasman Organics, Appleby
Tasman Organics is where Fresh2U was based for many years, firstly with Wolfgang Mann as grower, then with Tracey Marvin & now it belongs to Max & Karen, ex maths teachers from Nayland School! Karen supplies us with beetroot, capsicum, lettuces, daikon, parsley, pumpkin, radish & rocket.
Ben & Romany, Veda Organics, Ngatimoti
Ben & Romany are Hare Krishnas who bring a wonderful attitude to their growing with a huge respect for the land & animals. They have worked very hard to improve the land & make it viable for growing commercially despite shorter sunshine hours in the Motueka Valley. They also have a beautiful temple on their property & hold shared dinners & kirtan sessions there. They are currently supplying cabbages, greens & potatoes & hopefully their main carrot crop will come on soon.
Oamaru Organics – Nigel Clark
Fresh2U has been working with Oamaru Organics & Brydone Growers before them for 10 years & we have an awesome relationship which means that we can get things that would otherwise not be available up at the top of the South Island. Nigel is fast becoming my favourite grower as he sends me special vege presents like a beautiful romanesco cauli I received last week! Oamaru have their own microclimate, wonderful soils known as totara tar (volcanic soil. nutrient dense & geographically unique) & many years of experience. You can really taste it in their veges which at the moment include cauliflower, cabbage, pak & joy choi, celery, red onions, fennel, potatoes & silverbeet.
Items which we have to get from Fresh Direct in Christchurch are kumara, garlic, some beetroot, some onions, sweetcorn & carrots until our local ones are ready. These are all NZ grown & certified organic but I don’t have a relationship with the growers like I do with the local crew.
Lastly, the bananas are from overseas, the eggs from Upper Moutere, the seedlings from Brightwater & the honey from Wakefield.
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