The REAL Cost of Food!

 I caught this article on RNZ & was slightly irritated with the tone:
I thought that the message was all wrong, continuing the fallacy that veges should be dirt cheap rather than educating people to understand the REAL COST OF FOOD.
Those who have been with Fresh2U for a while will know that this is a favourite rant of mine lol.
The UN Food & Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) assessment of the true, global cost of commerically grown & produced food estimates that:
Annual environmental costs = US$2100bn
Annual Social Costs = US$2700bn
Together, these add up to US$4.8tn of externalised costs of food production!!!!
These costs come from the effects of the production & use of artificial fertilisers & pesticides, effects of soil degradation, water pollution, climate change, paying inadequate wages & the obesity epidemic to name a few.
However we end up paying for all of these issues anyway; Through our rates which pay for benefits & healthcare, at the Dr’s for ourselves or by passing the costs of environmental remediation to our childrens generation, so buying cheap food is not really a saving at all.
Organic growers play on an un-level playing field as the market is distorted in favour of those who externalise costs & produce food unsustainably.
Organic growers bear the costs of farming sustainably, in an environmentally friendly & socially conscious way and those costs are reflected in their pricing.
Rather than trying to produce the cheapest carrot or apple right here, right now, organic growers produce food whilst safeguarding our waterways, soil structure & nutrients, considering animal welfare & the welfare of those working to produce the food & attempting to mitigate the effects of climate change.
Organic food is not too expensive, conventional food is too cheap!
And don’t worry, I also contacted the writer of the piece to tell her this too ; )
Next time someone asks you why you pay for expensive, organic food you can educate them & hopefully we at Fresh2U can be the change we wish to see  in the world.
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