“Full box of goodies! I like how there was a recipe page sent out earlier in the week about cabbage options – I used a couple of recipes off it. Nice to get inspiration for ways to use a ‘basic’ vegetable in different ways. Good combination of fruit and veg in the box. Easy and convenient to have my grocery shop done for me – with no guess work and sitting at my front door waiting!”

Catriona, Nelson

“My partner and I are very happy with the produce and service thus far – thank you. The value is great for being organic. We love the variety and are impressed with the quality and freshness too.”

Amanda, Nelson

“STOKED with our vege box!!! Everything was fresh, yummy and beautiful! So excited to be receiving these.
And your newsletter with the recipes is awesome.”

Selina, Motueka

“We have received 2 boxes now and we have loved both! Nice to experiment with veges we haven’t tried before like the daikon and the yams. Yay for the internet to google how to cook or not the veges. I have also read a few of your newsletters on the website, good info too. A great way to focus on putting more veges in our diet.”

Vivienne, Nelson

“I was so excited to be getting my first box of delicious organically nature blessed goodness 🙂
My box arrived in perfect condition. Don’t think me crazy. ..but it felt like Christmas 🙂
I opened the box and just gazed for a moment. The gorgeous rich colours of the beautiful, genuinely cared for nutrient rich goodness was very much appreciated 🙂
I am looking forward to Christmas EVERY week 🙂
Thank you to all the team for your time, care, and wonderful work.”

Janine, Blenheim

“We are very impressed with the organic produce we received for the first time last week. It’s amazing how much the supermarkets refine their organic produce so that it still looks inorganic. Your produce tastes good, looks great and I think is great value for money. Not only that – the delivery for me is a big time saver in my busy life.”

Lucy, Mapua

“Wow the food is amazing. The difference in taste compared to non-organic is just incredible. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the food you get, and it’s really good value. What we also love is that it’s just so easy and convenient so we save a lot of time. It probably takes about 3 mins online each week (we chose the Custom Box) and then a box full of beautiful  food arrives on our doorstep that week. So simple. Supporting local growers is pretty cool too. Don’t know why we didn’t do this ages ago. Thanks for your fantastic service Lucy”.

Mark, Mapua

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